This Cat Café In LA Is Helping You Get Back At Your Ex With This Campaign

A cat café in Los Angeles is bringing back their popular "S*** On Your Ex" campaign where you can get back at your ex all while helping out local animals in need.

The campaign is going on all throughout February at the Crumbs & Whiskers café in Beverly Grove. Those interested in taking part of this campaign must:

  • pay $5 and then you can put your ex's name on a card
  • place it in a litter box that the cats use at the café and then "nature will take its course"

Proceeds from this will be going to the Cat Health Fund organization who help cover the medical bills of adoptable cats.

“We do this every year, and it’s so much fun for our team and for our customers, but more importantly, it does a lot of good,” said Azarea Singh, founder of Crumbs & Whiskers. “The fact that we can provide a sense of closure for so many people while also raising money for animals in need just makes me so happy – it’s what Crumbs & Whiskers is all about.”

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