What professional ballerinas' feet REALLY look like

Have you listened to The HYPE! with elizabethany and Zac yet?! Each week, we highlight someone's interesting job, share stories about our and others' lives, and give you the Sh!* You Need To Know and the "Cheers" of the week- stories to make you feel good.

This week, we welcome principal ballerina for the New York Ballet Company, Megan Fairchild, to talk about the realities of being a ballerina! She's been doing it for two decades, so Zac HAD to know what her feet are actually like.. but she's also a mom to THREE under 3! How does she juggle it?! Would she want her kids to dance like her? She gave up her "normal life" for this at the age of 16, but it sounds like she had more fun than the rest of us!

We're also talking about THE incidents in our families and yours that no one wants to bring up. A cousin who ruined Christmas, a grandma who ate the wrong thing, a sister in law who hit on the wrong sibling.. yikes.

More conversations: Would you cry over an ex? Whose side are you on in Zac's relationship fight?

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