Willie and Shanda Taylor continue "Marriage Boot Camp" practices after show

This season of Marriage Boot Camp has been a full s---show. People getting kicked off, kicked out, kicked in... but Willie and Shanda Taylor stuck through it, and are still sticking together.

They told me the call from the show came at the perfect time; they were really at a point where a decision needed to be made. Luckily they went on the show, went through several activities to test them but also help them communicate, and now they're still together even through all of this quarantine!

So what activities do they think were the most groundbreaking for them, and what will they continue to do to keep their marriage and communication strong? To them, it's all about making sure they are seeing what they are doing to the other person, and not being selfish in the relationship [and of course, not cheating].

I made it awkward twice when I talked to this semi-fragile couple about how I like to stalk Willie to his hotel room, but I think they can handle it. I hope. It didn't sound great when I brought up him going on tour again...

Listen for yourself! and tell me, if you watch MBC, have you tried any of the activities at home? I do.

And for a fun reference, here's a photo from when I was stalking Willie in his hotel, a solid decade ago. No shame. No regret. Great story. [and what I didn't bring up was that my friend was wearing a "Mrs Taylor" shirt. I loved them all too much to pick just one. It's fine.