Everything I bought in August

Start of a new month means paying rent or mortgage or whatever other bills, and looking through my emails to see what all I purchased last month so I can share it with you.

Looking at this list, you're going to assume it's the early 2000s and I'm a teenager... but I can assure you that I'm a grown ass adult still liking these things.

Check out everything I bought, with the link to check it out, and a gallery of them below!

  • A personal yearbook from Mixbook/$40. I make one every year and am a little late making my 2019 one, but better late than never. I think they're perfect for looking back, and having memories to share with my future kids in a decade or two. I also just loved yearbooks in school, and was on the committee, so... **Get $20 off your book here!**
  • Memory foam lap desk so I can finally comfortably sit indian style while I work
  • "Man salt" bath salts- honestly, I hate baths, but my fiance loves them and so we'll see if these make him relax or loco.
  • A cute lanyard, because I need something large and colorful on my keys to help me find them, and my other one said "Redskins".. which... we don't say anymore.
  • An MTV shirt because I feel weird wearing vintage tour tees for shows I never saw... but I still lovvveeee a good MTV show, and it's what helped get me into radio!
  • Another pair of leggings because you can never have too many in 2020, and they were on sale for $7, so I had to, right?
  • A Harvest Hosts membership. It lets you camp in an RV or van on hundreds of farms, breweries and wineries around the country! [Click here for 15% off!]