How Jill Twiss got into comedy thanks to September 11th

One thing I've been really interested in this year, is seeing how people are coming up with new ideas and absolutely running with them.

Jill Twiss is a NYT Bestseller that stumbled upon her career at a different time that was extremely difficult- 9/11. She said it was the day after when she decided to start doing stand-up comedy, which led to a job with John Oliver, and now as an author.

Hearing about her job beforehand, and plans of running for office or going to law school... it's shocking! but it goes to show that you never really know where your life will lead and to just take a chance on all the ideas and sparks you stumble upon.

She called to talk about her children's book, "Everyone Gets a Say," which teaches kids about the importance of voting. It's cute, it's well done... but it was the goosebumps I got from hearing how suddenly her life took a different path that makes me encourage you to listen to this chat.

Jill's book, Everyone Gets A Say

Jill's book, Everyone Gets A Say