The Newest Dating Term & Is It Happening To You

Dating in today's world is not the same as when your mom and dad met 30 years ago and fell in love. Nowadays there are a multitude of "terms" to keep up with and social media which can either work in your favor or do the opposite. If you're one of the millions though embarking on a journey to find love, we want to make sure FROSTING doesn't happen to you!

No, I'm not talking about the kind you put on a cupcake or your favorite sweets. Frosting is a new term referring to, "when a man suddenly goes cold on you." This term is not to be confused with the term "ghosting," simply because he's not disappearing on you. Rather, he suddenly just doesn't seem as interest as he once was when you two are spending time together.

Here are sure signs that he is frosting you:

1 - You feel like you put in all the work

2 - He's excessively "busy" all the time

3 - He was available yesterday but he suddenly has "a thing"

4 - He makes you second guess yourself

5 - He gives you just enough warmth to keep you going and hopeful

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