Apple Released A Bunch Of New Emojis

Apple has released 398 new emojis, including nine food-related ones, some which we should have gotten a long itme ago.

The food emojis are available now to all users who download iOS 13.2, which includes a waffle, a head of garlic, onion, a falafel platter, butter, oyster, apple juice box, Mate, and an ice cube. 

While some of the new emojis like the waffle and the ice cube were approved earlier this year and were included in Apple’s World Emoji Day preview, the others were revealed for the first time this month.

Other new emojis include gender-inclusive, disability, and mixed-race emojis, along with a flamingo, razor, firefighter, construction vest, and more. Many of the new emojis are receiving widespread praise because of their inclusivity.

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