Hilary Duff Hints At Lizzie McGuire & Ethan Craft Romance In Revival

Love Leo Rescue's 2nd Annual Cocktails For A Cause

Love Leo Rescue's 2nd Annual Cocktails For A Cause

Production on the highly anticipated Lizzie McGuire revival is officially underway, which means little snippets of information are finally being revealed. While we don't know a ton about what Lizzie's up to in the revival, Hilary Duff hinted at a surprising potential romance for the titular character. Though fans were hoping Lizzie would end up with her BFF turned BF Gordo, played by Adam Lamberg, it turns out another familiar face may be romancing Lizzie in the revival.

While chatting with E! News, Duff revealed Ethan Craft, played by Clayton Snyder, may appear in the revival. Fans of the original Disney Channel show will remember Ethan as Lizzie's first big crush, though it never worked out between them. “He is hot. He's very hot,” Duff said of her co-star. “I'm pretty sure there's going to be, there's going to be a thing.” The actress then added that she “can't give away too much" about what's coming, though.

For fans wondering what became of Gordo, however, Duff has previously opened up about what happened to Lizzie's childhood sweetheart. While chatting with Vulture, Duff said she's not sure "if I was as devastated" as fans by the fact that Lizzie and Gordo won't be together in the revival. She even went so far to say that Lizzie and Gordo's split is actually what she found "so good" about the script.

"It's that one person that you're like, 'Was he the one? Is it ever going to be?' You're always kind of wondering," she explained. Though she did offer some hope that fans will see Gordo appear on the reboot. "We wanted it to hurt everyone a little bit, and it'll continue to hurt. I really hope he's going to be involved. We've been planning out the season and coming up with what everything looks like, and it's so important for him to be there for part of it."  

The sequel series will follow Lizzie as she enters her thirties. The former L.A. based teen is now a grownup working as interior design apprentice in New York City. Since this is Lizzie McGuire we're talking about, though, things will quickly go awry for the beloved heroine. After Lizzie is somehow "forced out" of New York City, she heads back to L.A. to regroup. Perhaps that's when Lizzie reconnects with Ethan Craft? Or who knows, maybe even Gordo?

Lizzie McGuire will air on Disney+, though there's currently no official premiere date. Will you be tuning in?

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